Karnataka Janapada Parishat whose firm foundation was laid on 21 st March 1979 with the chief aim of promoting, preserving, propagating and documenting Folk traditions of karnataka has succesfully completed 27 years and created many milestones.

1. Recording of Folk music sung in various styles and tunes by authentic Folk musicians.

2. Establishing museums displaying Folk musical instruments, puppets, household articles, traditional jewellery and apparels, arms and weapons, artistic earthenware, life size statues depicting the styles of Yakshagana artists, masks, photographs, paintings and other Folk articles.

3. Video filming of the life of village folks, rural festivals and customs, dances, Yakshagana, puppet shows, 'sannata' and 'Krishna parijatha' dramas, sports. special articles and musical instruments.

4. Preparation of thousands of color transparancies on the above mentioned subjects.

5. Publishing of journal "Janapada Jagattu' dedicated to study, research, discussion, review and analysis of Karnataka Folklore.

6. A library which helps for the study and resaerch of Janapada

7. Holding seminars and Janapada Kalamelas

8. Encouraging folkartists by way of felicitations and presentation of purse

9. Building Sobane Chikkamma studio fully equipped with necessary equipments for audio recording, video filming , preparation of slides and screening of films.

10. Production and sale of audio casettes or discs of folk music rendered by new artists but instrumental music composed suitable to the the lyrics, voice, style and tunes of original singers

11. Starting of Folk research center and Folk University with the collaboration of Bangalore University.

12. Telecast of 108 episodes of Sirigandha serial

13. Publishing Folk literary works

14. Training courses in Folk dance forms

15. Training courses in Folk music

16. Training courses in Mudalapaya Yakshagana art

17. Presenting awards to more than 300 folk artists

18. Celebration of annual kite festival, Dasara festival, Lokotsava on permanent basis

19. Pinnacle of all these achievements is the creation of Janapada Loka in a sprawling 15 acre land near Ramanagar on Mysore-Bangalore highway which is the embodiment of folk culture

20 . Designing and construction of Janapada Siribhuvana and Nanjaraj Siriranga open air theatre at Bangalore

This way, Parishat is engaged in various activities and prospering with many achievements to its credit.